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Experience the Rhythm In:
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We are surrounded by a constant cycle of rhythm. At the earliest stages of life, we are being comforted in the womb by the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat. As we grow older, our senses discover the different rhythms around us: the wind against the trees, the traffic on the street, the ocean against the shore… and little by little we unveil the rhythms of life.

If our bodies respond so naturally to what is heard, how do our souls respond to the vibrations of that which is unheard?

Why is our breath stolen when we observe a magnificent work of art, stare down the summit of a mountain, or look upon the magnitude of the starry night? Why do our hearts swell when we see videos of strangers helping others, or observe a baby’s first steps, or witness a crowd come together for a great cause? It’s because our rhythm has collided with another in a great dance. Our souls have been penetrated by rhythmic grace through human connection.

Our earthly home is shared between so many diverse species, peoples, minds, and thoughts—all significant collaborators to life’s great concerto. In this time of social division, persecution, and brimming wars, it is difficult to see the world as harmonious… but that unifying, rhythmic pulse is there.

In 2015, for the JP2IFF’s Fifth Year Anniversary, our Official Selections take the time to remind us that even though we hold different beliefs, creeds, and values we are intrinsically connected by the invisible Rhythm of Life that binds us in love.

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