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Reel Rose Awards

On the festival’s final night, special guests, sponsors, audience members, and the filmmakers are invited to celebrate the caliber of work selected to be a part of the festival during a Live Stream Award’s Ceremony. The awards extend in categories recognizing short and full-length films, documentaries, best picture, and audience’s selection for best film, which is affectionately named The People’s Festival Award after John Paul II’s nickname “The People’s Pope”.

The 2015 Reel Rose Award Winners!


The 2015 Reel Rose Award Nominees:

The Rhythm of Life Award – Adrenaline, Dar He, Full of Grace, Masterless, The Descendants, Angel of Nanjing, Between Allah and Me, Ink 180, Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Jerome Jejeune
Best Short Narrative – Alone Way, No Love Lost, Wind, Book Ends, La Voz de Cuba, Roses, Zugzwang
Best Documentary Short – Finding Beauty in the Rubble, Picking up the Pieces, My Heart, God’s in the Garage, Rudy + Neal Go Fishing
Best Short Screenplay – Alone Way, La Voz de Cuba, Roses, Zugzwang, No Love Lost, Book Ends, Wind
Best Feature Screenplay – Adrenaline, Dar He, Full of Grace, Masterless, The Descendants
Best Performance – Michael Rosander (Adrenaline), Mike Wiley(Dar He), Bahia Haifi (Full of Grace), Hasan Rostamani (The Descendants), Adam La Vorgna (Masterless)
Best Documentary – Angel of Nanjing, Between Allah and Me (and Everyone Else), Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Ink 180, JP2 In America, Jerome Lejeune, Media Apostle, Taste and See
Best Director – Jordan Horowitz and Frank Fernando (Angel of Nanjing), Joel Mains (INK 180), Sr. Helena Burns (Media Apostle), Craig Shimahara (Masterless), Rob Underhill (Dar He), Yaser Talebi (The Descendants)
Best Feature Film – Adrenaline, Dar He, Masterless, Full of Grace, The Descendants
The People’s Festival Award – All Feature Films are Nominated in this Category

“The journey of The Mighty Macs began at the JP2 Film Festival. I am forever grateful!”–Tim Chambers, Screenwriter & Director, The Mighty Macs

JP2 Fact
Many of our past JP2IFF Award Recipients have found National and/or International distribution? Check out The Mighty Macs, The Human Experience, Reconciliation, The Investigator, and The Fighter’s Ballad!

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