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2011 Official Selections

OUT OF THE DARKNESS – Director: Sean Finnegan
The true story of Shelley Lubben and her  journey from pornography to a life in Christ. Her testimony, along with important commentary from world-renowned experts in the field of sexual ethics, reveal the redemptive power of love.


RUST – Director: Corbin Bernsen

A midlife crisis of faith rocks the life’s calling of longtime Minister, James Moore (Bernsen), who leaves his pastorate and returns home. Finding his childhood friend is in a psychiatric ward accused of a crime Moore doesn’t believe he committed, Moore wonders if he can put his faith in a God who doesn’t respond to his cries.


NO GREATER LOVE – Director: Michael Whyte

British filmmaker Michael Whyte’s indie documentary No Greater Love takes us into the silence of Most Holy Trinity, a monastery of Carmelite nuns unobtrusively situated in the fashionable Notting Hill area of West London.


MISSISSIPPI QUEEN – Director: Paige Williams

Mississippi Queen charts a woman’s mission to find much-needed answers. Paige Williams travels across the country as she explores the distance between her upbringing and her current lifestyle. At the heart of the film, is the middle ground where Paige and her parents attempt to meet, helping them get a little closer– to God and each other.




SURF FOR THE CAUSE – Director: Dan Kinnane

A LONG WAY OFF – Director: David Michael Warren

INTERSESSION – Director: Winston Titus Tao

SHARING – Director: Pablo Arriola

THROUGH MY SISTER’s EYES – Director: Winston Titus  Tao

THE FORGIVEN – Director: Lawrence Saint-Victor

A CUT ABOVE – Director: Alessandro Piedmonte

MARCH 31st – Director: Christina Santa Cruz**

FINDING JOHN DOE – Director: Frank William Brennan

SYMPHONY OF DREAMS – Director: Winston Titus Tao

THE LABYRINTH – Director: Jason A. Schmidt***




RAMONA & BEEZUS – Director: Elizabeth Allen
The adventures of young Ramona Quimby come to life in this all new film based on the best-selling books by Beverly Cleary. Ramona’s vivid imagination, boundless energy, and accident-prone antics are put to the test when she helps her family face its biggest challenge.

THE HOLY ROLLER – Director: Patrick Gillies

A struggling preacher is tricked into starting a church in a night club by its unscrupulous owner, who sees this as a way to repay his gambling debts.

ST. BERNADETTE OF LOURDES – Director: Jim Morlino

A faithful and unique retelling of the famous events in  Lourdes, France in 1858. A beautiful story of innocence, humility and faith—perfect for our troubled age—and retold through the talents of children.

LIFE HAPPENS – Director: Ash Greyson

Life Happens deals with the topic of abortion in a unique, personal and ultimately uplifting way. Director Ash Greyson, who was nearly aborted just months before the Roe VS Wade decision, sets out on a journey to find others like him. In the process, he uncovers the divisive issues and eventually finds some common ground.

THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP – Director: Wanda Rozycka-Zborowska

A fictionalized documentary about the deep bonds of friendship between two thirteen-year-old girls, one Pole and one Jew, during the heavy years of Nazi occupation in Poland during War World II. Subtitled in English.

STRONG BODIES FIGHT – Director: William Donaruma

“Strong bodies fight, that weak bodies may be nourished.” This is the motto of the Notre Dame boxing team which annually hosts an intramural charity tournament called “The Bengal Bouts.” This is the story of their fight against poverty.


The inspiring story of three men—a Palestinian Christian, a Palestinian Muslim, and an Israeli Jew, who grew up in the Holy Land amidst perpetual war and constant conflict. Expected to be enemies, they instead find the commonality that binds everyone together, regardless of beliefs, in a quest for peace.

OSCAR’S CUBA- Director: Jordan Allot

 This is the story of Dr. Oscar Biscet, a pro-life Christian doctor who is serving an unjust 25-year sentence for his promotion of human rights and democracy in Cuba.

RECONCILIATION – Director: Chad Ahrendt

A groundbreaking and provocative story about an estranged father and son struggling to overcome the heartbreaking consequences of their past.

THE LAST SUMMIT (LA ULTIMA CIMA) – Director: Juan Manuel Cotelo

Pablo, a Priest, always knew that he was going to die young and that he wanted to die on a mountain. He gave his life to God… and God accepted his offer. The film shows the profound impact that a good priest can have on people. It provokes the viewer to ask a challenging question: Could I live like this?

THE CALLING – Director: David A. Ranghelli

The Calling reveals the joys and anxieties of those who are drawn to religious life. This acclaimed documentary provides a glimpse into the personal nature of belief and the bonds of family, as it delves into the fundamental and enduring questions that provide meaning and value to our lives.

LOURDES – Director: Jessica Hausner

Nothing tests faith more than a miracle. The film tells the story of the pilgrimage to Lourdes. Among the pilgrims are sufferers of various illnesses as well as others in good health. They undertake the journey hoping to find spiritual comfort or bodily cure.            Subtitled in English


A documentary exploring what happened during Pope John Paul II’s visit to Poland in June 1979 which inspired the populace to stand up in solidarity against the shackles of communism. Hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich.


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