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2011 – The Mystery of Love

The official 2011 JP2IFF Theme

After having such a triumphant and uplifting inaugural year for the John Paul II International Film Festival, phone calls, e-mails, and letters poured in asking for the dates of our second year… and its theme. Though 7eventhDay Media Inc. and the JP2IFF have committed to making this festival a yearly event, the festival’s organizers knew that the second year would have to be put off due to a another small event… a wedding.

Two of the festival’s founders and organizers, Laura Alvarado and Frank William Brennan, who have been dating since 2003, became engaged at the beginning of the festival’s conception in February 2009. This year, after successfully bringing the JP2IFF to life, Laura and Frank will embrace the call to matrimony on August 14th, 2010. Due to this event, the festival’s second year will be held on February 17th through the 26th, 2011. And its theme? The Mystery of Love. Years ago, when Frank and Laura met Rafael Anrrich, the festival’s “godfather”, they met through a youth retreat they were helping to lead. The retreat was conveniently called “Mystery Love”. If it wasn’t for the “mystery love” encountered that weekend, the festival might never have come to be.

What is love? Like all of life’s mysteries, love is not tangible. It is not something we can grasp, taste, or smell. It can only be felt and experienced… much like faith. Love is arguably the driving force behind our motivations, our wants, and subsequently, our creation.

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