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When is the 2015 John Paul II International Film Festival?
The 5th edition of the JP2IFF will take place October 8th-17th, 2015.

When do you announce your films?
Our complete film program can be found here.

How do I submit my film?
Visit our Submission Page  for complete details.

How do you select your films?
Films are submitted by their filmmakers and arrive to us from around the globe. Once arrived, filmmakers are notified and our film panel and directors select the best films based on our submission guidelines. After the final submission deadline, filmmakers wait about a month before finding out if their film is a part of our Official Selection.

Are you a Catholic Film Festival?
No. Though our inspiration for the festival is John Paul II, the film festival takes after his unifying human-rights values. We receive and select films from different religious and cultural backgrounds to show through our films each year that our struggles and our triumphs are one in the same. In the end, learning more about the faiths and cultures of our neighbors allow us to become better members of our community and, ultimately, our human family.

Where should I stay when visiting The John Paul II International Film Festival?
Visit our Resources section  for complete details!

How do I purchase tickets to films and events?
Tickets to all films and events will be available for purchase March 14, 2014. At that time, you may purchase online through this website or purchase your tickets at the box office half an hour before the scheduled movie. This year, our films will be screened at the Cinépolis Grove, located at 3015 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove, FL.

Where are film screenings and events held?
Films are shown at the Cinépolis Grove, located at 3015 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove, FL.

How much do film tickets cost?
General Admission: $12.00

Students: $10.00

Seniors & Children Under 12: $7.50

Film Packages are available.

All Access: $100
7 Films: $50
4 Films: $25

Group rates are available! Click here for our film schedule

How can I learn more about all of the JP2IFF films and events?
 You can also find more information on our film page.

Does the JP2IFF offer any volunteer/internship programs for students?
Yes! Students with a passion for film, technology, public relations, faith and community, are invited to sign up to volunteer for the film festival’s events or intern to help organize the events. This is a great opportunity for students to work and learn about the film, event planning, and PR industries. Visit our Get Involved page to sign up!

Can I volunteer to work at the JP2IFF?
Absolutely! Our volunteers are the key to the success of festival. Find out more information about volunteering by clicking here.

Can I earn service hours for volunteering?
Absolutely. Speak to the volunteer coordinator when you apply.

I want to help The JP2IFF, but don’t have time to volunteer. What can I do?
The John Paul II Int’l Film Festival is organized by 7eventhDay Media, Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit organization. You can help the film festival be a success each by making a tax-deductible monetary or in-kind donation. You can also support JP2IFF by becoming a sponsor.


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