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Experience the Rhythm In:
-835 Days!

The Festival


The John Paul II International Film Festival is conceptualized, developed, and hosted in Miami, Florida, and showcases carefully selected films during the course of ten days.

Festival’s Events

Film Screenings
All films chosen to be a part of the film festival’s official selection are showcased in prestigious venues around South Florida.

After each screening, the audience has the unique experience of exploring the films’ themes, techniques, and story processes. The audience participates in discussions and Q&As with the filmmakers and our panel of experts.

Seminars and Workshops
Filmmakers, aspiring filmmakers, and film aficionados are invited to seminars and workshops that teach about the film industry, methods and techniques of filmmaking, and how to use talent and art to enlighten society.

Closing Night Gala and Reel Rose Award Ceremony
On the festival’s final night, special guests, sponsors, audience members, and the filmmakers are invited to celebrate the always high caliber of work the festival showcases.

JP2 Fact
As an actor in his youth, JP2 started the underground Rhapsodic Theater during World War II in order to keep Polish culture and identity alive during the Nazi Oppression.


“The John Paul II International Film Festival is a “One Size Fits All” Festival. Safe for youth and excellent content for adults of a young age and not so young. Fabulous films are selected each year, I never miss it.”– Patricia H. Clarke, Miami Serra Club Member, JP2IFF Donor

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