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For the past five years over 250 volunteers have come together to help the JP2IFF’s organizers raise the tents of an event many thought would’ve been impossible to effectively put together. Thanks to our volunteers’ faith and support, the John Paul II International Film Festival™ has been delivered with love, dedication, and professionalism. We once stated that if John Paul II was known as “The People’s Pope” then this needed to become “The People’s Festival,” and with the help of our volunteers—who came from across the US to be part of this movement, the JP2IFF became just that: of the people.

In a nutshell, our festival is being put up by you: the community. Together we can give something of ourselves that will not go unnoticed. There is no such thing as a small contribution, only the sharing of one’s blessings. Donation of time, talent, and prayer are of most importance, and we cannot forget the great monetary need to put this festival officially on its feet and allow it to flourish in its full splendor year after year.

“The festival is a valiant enterprise, spilling over with the love that you and your team invest in it.”–Natasha Howes, Executive Producer, The 13th Day

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