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Zugzwang in German means obligation to move. Life and chess are not so different. There is a moment in life where you know you have to make a decision, but the best thing to do would be not to make any move. But… you must. We simply call this being screwed. In chess, they call it Zugzwang.

Cast & Credits

Director: Yolanda Centeno

Writer: Yolanda Centeno

Cast: Sam Sasaki
Ben Sasaki
Camille Giuffre

About The Director

Yolanda Centeno
Director: Yolanda Centeno

Yolanda Centeno is a spanish director with a strong background on Advertising. She moved from Spain to New York in 2012 to study and pursure a career in the film industry through an MFA in Filmmaking. She also graduated in Spain with a double degree in Filmmaking and Advertising.

She worked on Advertising as copywriter for international advertising companies as OgilvyOne Worldwide. She also won some of the most prestigious awards for young advertising creatives, having also the opportunity to be trained in some other prestigious advertising companies as McCann Erickson, BBDO, etc.

A few months after she got graduated in Spain, she joined a production house that made documentaries and short films. During that period, she was nominated for in more than 30 festivals, and won awards for several short films, as well as some other advertising contests. Some of them are listed here:

Finalist in the Internet Film Festival: “”.
Finalist in the “Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche” (Elche International Independent Film Festival)
RTVA Award Winner (2010): The RTVA (“Andalusia Radio Television”)
Award to the Best Andalusia Short FilmFinalist in the UNIFEST (International University Short Film Festival).
Premio Joven de la Academia de la Publicidad.

Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California, where she produces, writes and directs films and commercials.

Director’s Statement

This is a film about growing up. I have been a chess lover all my life and this game helps me to understand a lot of things about people and life. To me, chess has a lot to do with real life. It’s not exactly the same, of course, but it helps you to analyze situations better and make the right decision. At the end, what I learnt from chess is that you need to keep trying. Failing is not bad at all because you always learn from that and in the next game you will be better and better.

Film Information:

Category: Short Narrative

Language: Spanish

Premiere Status: South Florida Premiere

Runtime: 8 Minutes 50 Seconds

Shot With: RED

Film Completion Year: 2014


Screening Information:

Screening Details:
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Cinépolis Coconut Grove
CocoWalk, 3015 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

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