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Trailblazers in Habits

Trailblazers in Habits is an intimate portrait of a group of American nuns, the Maryknoll Sisters, who have accompanied the disenfranchised in their struggle for social justice. By turns tragic and joyous, yet always inspirational, this insightful documentary is a revealing portrait of these courageous women. The film weaves together the nuns’ own affecting accounts of imprisonment and personal struggle with rare archival footage and poignant reminisces from the beneficiaries of their work. A moving and absorbing chronicle that spans 100 years and several continents, this film celebrates the intelligence and tenacity, the love, compassion and generosity of these early feminists.

Cast & Credits

Director: Nancy Tong

Writer: Nancy Tong

Company: Fishtail Soup Productions, Inc.

Cast: Susan Sarandon (Narrator)

About The Director

The producer and director, Nancy M. Tong, was born in Hong Kong and educated by the Maryknoll Sisters. She currently splits her time between New York City where she makes documentary films and Hong Kong where she teaches at the University of Hong Kong. She is renowned for making the seminal film on the Nanjing Massacre, In the Name of the Emperor, which won the Special Jury Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 1995. She also collaborated on films including Cancer: From Evolution to Revolution (as Line Producer), which won the George Foster Peabody Award in 2001, and Who Killed Vincent Chin (as Associate Producer), which was nominated for the Best Documentary Film Category of The Academy Awards in 1989.

In 2008 she participated in a women empowerment project where she taught Muslim women in Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia and Hong Kong to make their own documentary shorts. She is currently Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Center.

Film Information:

Category: Feature-Length Narrative

Runtime: 65 minutes

Shot With: Sony DV

Film Completion Year: March 2013


Screening Information:

Screening Details:
Friday, April 4th, 2014
9:00 pm
Paragon Grove 13

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