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A young woman, Jessica, has recently been blinded through a tragic stroke and she struggles to deal with the emotions and shock that come from such a traumatic event. Through what seems like a chance encounter at a bus stop, Jessica meets Kevin, an African American gentleman from a previous generation who carries a shocking and unexpected secret of his own.

Together, they face difficult questions and forgotten memories, and ultimately, Kevin must face the shadows of his past so that Jessica may embrace her future. “Roses” deals with the timeless truths of forgiveness, redemption, and faith while challenging every viewer to dare to live beautifully.

“Roses” stars GregAlan Williams from “Remember the Titans” and “Million Dollar Arm” and holds over 120 acting credits. “Roses” also stars Rachel Hendrix lead actress from “October Baby” and “The Perfect Wave”.

“Roses” won “Best Short Film” at the 2015 International Christian Film Festival and “Best Short Film” at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival, both of which are among the largest Christian film festivals in North America.

Cast & Credits

Director: Alex Lerma

Writer: Alex Lerma

Cast: GregAlan Williams - Remember the Titans, Baywatch, In the Line of Fire, Million Dollar Arm
Rachel Hendrix - October Baby, The Perfect Wave, Mountain Top
Chris O'Brien - His Brother's Keeper

About The Director

Director: Alex Lerma

Everyone has a story to tell. I love helping them tell it beautifully.

From marketing videos to Hollywood sets, I’ve helped make a lot of films over the last several years. I’ve discovered that passionate storytellers come in all shapes and sizes, from polished business executives to bushy-haired movie directors. If you have a story to tell, a message to share, let’s get in touch.

Whatever the message, it’s way more fun to share it together.

Director’s Statement

In many ways our lives are defined by how we cope with the fear and uncertainty of the unexpected.

There are moments when life hurls the unexpected at us with such force that it rips apart the delicate facade of social perfection we have worked so hard to build and reveals without warning the true nature of who we are.

In the short film Roses, we meet Jessica in one such moment. In the span of just a few short weeks, a freak medical condition has taken her eyesight, and with it, the hopes and dreams of her future.

In the midst of this defining period she meets a stranger with an unexpected secret of his own.

At its core, Roses is a simple exploration of human nature. It uses a backdrop of pain to paint a portrait of hope.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

The simplicity of the concept gave us the opportunity to approach the project with an incredible standard of excellence. Our goal was to assemble the resources and team necessary to tell this story the way it should be told, with no shortcuts.

Almost two years in the making, Roses carries the dedicated touch of some of the finest artists in the film community. It features the all-star talents of Rachel Hendrix (October Baby) and GregAlan Williams (Baywatch, Remember the Titans) and a veteran production team of industry professionals.

Roses was an extraordinary collaboration. The timeless themes of redemption, forgiveness, and faith embedded in the story are gifts of wisdom from the tight-knit community from which the film was born. It is a collective expression of these values; an expression we hope and pray will resonate with any and all who experience the film.

– Alex Lerma, Director


Film Information:

Category: Short Narrative

Language: English

Premiere Status: South Florida Premiere

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Film Completion Year: 2014


Screening Information:

Screening Details:
Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Cinépolis Coconut Grove
CocoWalk, 3015 Grand Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

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