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Homelessness is a national tragedy. If faced with adversity, what would you do to keep your family together?

Cast & Credits

Director: Tara-Nicole Azarian

Writer: Tara-Nicole Azarian

Company: Front Porch Films

Cast: Tara-Nicole Azarian, Vanelle, Dave Tunik

About The Director

Tara-Nicole is a teen Actress, Director and Writer who is doing her part to make a difference in the world one film at a time. Three of the four films she has written and directed deal with social issues. Her films have been to over one hundred film festivals. You may also know her from the new Rachel Crow “Mean Girls” video now playing on Nickelodeon. She is also the host of the educational segment “Did You Know That” on Kid Time TV. In total Tara-Nicole has acted in over forty projects.

Film Information:

Category: Short Narrative

Premiere Status: South Florida Premiere

Runtime: 10 minutes

Shot With: Canon 6D

Film Completion Year: February 2012


Screening Information:

Screening Details:
Friday, April 11th, 2014
9:00 pm
Paragon Grove 13
Screening prior to Gimme Shelter

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