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A compelling documentary, 40 takes on the heated issue of abortion in our nation.

Cast & Credits

Director: John Morales

Writer: John Morales

Company: Spirit Juice Studios

About The Director

John brings an extensive 20-year background in radio and television to the film. Morales has been a television sports reporter and anchor for Fox Sports Net Chicago, WJBK-TV/Fox 2 in Detroit, WKBD-TV/UPN in Detroit, and KTRK-TV/ABC in Houston and has contributed to a variety of other stations and networks including ESPN, Fox Sports and CBS Radio Sports.

Morales served as the co-producer, writer, and narrator of the award winning Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition, a groundbreaking sports film that showcases the intersection of sports and faith in Major League Baseball. John was the visionary behind the film and he conducted the many in-depth interviews with over two-dozen Major League baseball players featured in Champions of Faith.

Film Information:

Category: Feature-Length Documentary

Premiere Status: East Coast and South Florida Premieres

Runtime: 62 minutes

Shot With: RED Epic, Canon C300, Canon C100, Canon DSLRs

Film Completion Year: December 2013


Screening Information:

Screening Details:
Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
8:00 pm
Paragon Grove 13

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