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Experience the Rhythm In:
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Happy Birthday John Paul II!!!!

I am ten minutes late in writing this blog but I was out the whole day and could not get it in in time. Yesterday May 18th was our beloved JP2’s birthday. He would have been celebrating his 89th year of life here one earth yesterday, but is spending it with the Father at a […]

The Pope’s Visit via Fr. Eric and Papa John’s Pizza

Okay, so we have not posted this story yet and I think it is about time that we did. In honor of our website going up tonight I will grace you all with a little story that took place on April 15th 2009. It was a night like any other night, a typical Wednesday evening. […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hey Everyone, With our website almost fully constructed and our prayers more fervent than ever, May is looking to be the festival’s month of Heavenly Harvest. We are still seeking inspired sponsors and credible venues. Right now we are in talks with Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus about using their facility. It is a beautiful theater, […]

Life Is SO Good!

…because GOD is so good! Lots of updates. We officially have all our feature films in the bag– with a couple of surprises to come! I would love to list our filmmakers, but frankly, I’d rather make the announcement even MORE official by waiting to show them to you all on our brand new web […]

Prayer will lead us to All Saints Day!

May the peace of Christ and the love of Mary be with you all. The recent John Paul II Film Festival news is that we are currently securing all of our venues and preparing our licensing for our feature length films that will be screened at the festival. We are closing only our second month […]

A message for you…

(The following is from an e-mail sent out on March 9th, 2009) To our amazing brothers and sisters in Christ: We cannot begin to thank you enough for coming forward with your talents, love, and prayers to answer God’s call to evangelize! Seeing your enthusiasm was God’s way of telling us that the risks we’re taking […]

Hello world!

Welcome to the blog! Here’s a small update as to how we’re doing and how the festival’s going. A little “behind-the-scenes”, if you will….

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