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It has been a long and winding road

Dearest friends, It has indeed been a long and continuous winding road for the John Paul II International Film Festival. We are only one month away from the spectacular event and I feel compelled to share every day with you all henceforth. Where are we? Well to be honest we are still pending many necessities, […]

Theology of the Body

Hey everyone, The JP2 International Film Festival Crew spent last night with Christopher West who was giving a talk down here in Miami. What a spectacular night we had discovering the many profound meanings of John Paul II’s doctrine. There were many people there form different faiths and it really inspired us to see the […]


Hey everyone, Please check out this link from one of our feature films.

The Lineup

Well, we have been promising the lineup for quite some time and our brilliantly talented¬†design team is working hard in¬†bringing the film page to life, so soon you’ll be able to browse the films and their synopsis, as well as purchase tickets. But in the meantime we figured, why not release the Official Selection on […]

Time for an Update!

This is gonna be a quick one! The JP2 Intl. Film Festival has extended! The festival will now take place from Thursday, October 29 through Saturday, November 7. Our tickets will be up for sale very soon! Check back at the end of this week! Blessings for all!

References to John Paul II’s Inter-Faith commitment

Here we see John Paul II’s commitment of the unification of faith, while recognizing their differences and openly sharing each others human origin. “In 1986 he became the first pontiff known to have entered a synagogue, when he embraced the chief rabbi at the Great Synagogue of Rome” “His special efforts on Catholic relations with […]


What trying times we are going through. We here at the John Paul II International Film Festival are truly experiencing the challenge of our own theme this year, Faith through the Storm. Because there is a storm brewing especially here in Miami. As Laura would say our faith must allow us to move inside the […]

The Blessings Continue…

Thank you for all your prayers as they are being heard. We are receiving an abundant amount of film submissions local, national, and international(Poland specifically). Because the festival has been attracting such a broad array of filmmakers, we will be graciously extending our film submission deadline to August 15th. This could not have been done […]

From my heart (and empty belly)

It’s 11:28pm. I should be sleeping. Should be, but am not. One: because I’m hungry, two: because I have so much to share. The month of May has been intense. It has been challenging us in many ways. Doors have opened, others have closed, but we’re still standing firm due to one singular fact: We […]

JP2 Fact!

So as all of you know our festival will be culminating on November 1st of this year, All Saints Day. There is also a neat JP2 symbolic meaning to that date. It is the day that Our Beloved Pope was ordained a priest! What blessings we continue to receive, more and more that confirm our […]

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