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Film and Wine Tasting Screening of “The Way”

Hey Everyone! We are blessed to be screening Emilio Estevez’s “The Way” for a fundraiser on September 15th from 8-11PM.  Here is some info on that! The John Paul II International Film Festival proudly invites you to a fundraising event featuring a screening of Emilio Estevez’s “The Way” and sponsored by Florida International University’s Program […]


Hey everyone! We are currently working on a JP2IFF App for all Iphones, Androids and Window phones. You’ll be able to purchase tickets, watch film trailers and map out the locations directly from your phone. We are looking to launch the App when we announce our 2012 official selections late September. We will keep you […]

Tropical Storm Isaac

Hey everyone! Tropical Storm Isaac passed through without many problems. Thanks be to God.  We will continue to pray for the places who received the worst of Isaac. As I watched the trees blow by through my kitchen window I was reminded of our first year’s theme “Faith through the Storm” back in 2009. Its […]

“Revelation” 2012 Theme

At first glance it may seem odd that we would choose “Revelation” as our 2012 theme. Our culture has taken this word and applied mere “end of the world” apocalyptic visions to it. So a sense of devastation and destruction is almost expected to come to your mind when looking at this year’s theme. (Not […]

The Mighty Macs and Human Experience Screening Events

“From now on it is only through a conscious choice and through a deliberate policy that humanity can survive.” –Pope John Paul II Hello ya’ll! Many blessings and greetings from the JP2 crew! Hopefully, for  our fellow Catholics, you and your families are already preparing for our beautiful upcoming advent season. As for my brother’s […]

Special Screening of The Mighty Macs!!

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you’ve  had a wonderful year! I don’t  know about you but I’m soooo excited for the holiday season! The JP2 crew is preparing a great season  filled with events and activities for our community. With that said,  Last year the John Paul II International Film Festival was honored to host the […]

The Mystery of Love

I am currently reading John Paul II’s “Love and Responsibility”. Our theme for the 2011 year is perfectly integrated with JP2’s insights on love. He says that authentic love means rejoicing when the other is rejoicing and suffering when the other is suffering. When I read this I said, “Well yeah I understand the suffering […]

Hi, remember us? :)

Happy Easter to all of our dear friends and supporters! We are well into the beginnings of April, 2010. This means we haven’t updated this blog in four months (and that’s just wrong). For this, we thank you for your patience. What an incredible journey this has been. For those who are visiting the festival’s website […]

Tickets! Tickets! Tickets!

Tickets are on sale everyone. Please check out our film schedule and get your tickets early. Why? It will not only guarantee your seats, but will bring great peace to the JP2 Film Festival crew. Don’t you want to help relieve some of this stress on our shoulders? We are trying very hard to make […]

The 1st of the Month

Blessings Everyone, It is the first of the month and the count down has officially begun. We had a tremendous prayer meeting last night and a few unexpected guests dropped by to pray with us. Thank you so much. We spoke a little about all of the places we have gone to promote the festival […]

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